Plant Infrastructure

Our company has two units for manufacturing, with separate unit for blending and packing and separate warehouse for raw materials storage and handling. We are planning to set up our new unit for new range of products which will be located in Sachin G.I.D.C Surat only. Taking in consideration of current environmental impact this new unit will be under Zero Liquid Discharge(ZLD) and free from air and ground pollution

Our current capacity for powders is 300 MT/Month, while our current capacity for liquids is 600 MT/Month.

Another proposed unit will be for manufacturing of dyes and core raw materials of our dyes which will be competitive in price and will have better quality.

Quality Control

Colosperse Dye Manufacturing's products are sold all over the world and have been used in many different industries since its creation. In order to produce high quality products with consistency, Colosperse have In-house Quality Control and Quality Assurance lab. These labs are well equipped with equipments from world renowned manufacturers as below:

  • HPLC – Shimadzu & Waters
  • Gas Chromatography – Youngin
  • Ion Chromatography – Metrohm
  • TOC - Shimadzu
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer – Shimadzu
  • UV Spectrophotometer - Shimadzu
  • Spectrophotometer – X-Rite & Premier
  • FPV – Labtech, VOC Monitor – ION Science and Semi-Automated Paper Sheet Former.

In addition to this our labs are also well equipped with following testing equipments:

  • Spectra Lab Melting / Boiling Point
  • Veego Water Purifier System
  • Metrohm High-Speed Research Centrifuge Pr-24 For Sedimentation

Research and Development

Our focus is on innovation and continual improvement in order to provide our clients with high-quality products. We have built infrastructure equipped with modern testing devices to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. Our production unit is managed by a team of skilled and qualified professionals. We leverage our R&D knowledge to reduce costs, improve goods, and introduce new products.

Our infrastructure is equipped with modern testing devices to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. To carry out different chemical reactions our R & D lab is well equipped with following equipments to name a few:

  • Lab Scale Glass Stirring Reactor Assembly
  • Autoclave Assembly In Ss316 - Pilot
  • Fume Hood Chamber And Blower
  • Glass Distillation And Column 20 Ltr - Pilot Plant
  • Viscometer – Brookfield