Fuel Dyes

Our liquids are formulated to be used as color identifiers in various types of petroleum or fuel products, and used for preventing the discoloration of finished products.As these dyes are primarily used for coloration and identification in Fuel and Petroleum Products. Our dyes when mixed with fuels and petroleum products, do not impact its performance. The fuel's other properties remain unaffected. Our colors have no contaminants, are resistant to hydrolysis, light, hot climates, and unpleasant odors

colosperse_Fuel Dyes


  • Gas oil
  • Tractor fuel
  • Oil for heating, lighting or industrial
  • Lubricants
  • Mineral oil
  • Jet oil
  • Leaded and unleaded gasolines
  • High and low octane gasolines
  • High and low sulfur diesel
  • Aviation fuel
  • Kerosene

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